Autobiography Writing

I will always have it with me, not only in my mind but by the scar on my face and it will never leave. It was about 6:15 when our friends arrived it was going to be a great night: playing with different children; eating sweets and having fun. But it was exactly the opposite....

Darkness fell onto the world like a cat pouncing on a mouse. I could smell the strong scent of my dad’s ‘famous’ burgers - as he called them - as I looked up I saw him calling me over to tell me they were ready to eat!Jumping out of the sand pit, my sandy feet touched the cold tiled steps and CRACK I fell hitting my head. It was a blood bath. My mum picked me up and placed me on the worktop to assess the damage. What would happen next?

The sensible thing to do would be to keep CALM but of course there was none of that. Everyone was frantically running around trying to stick endless plasters on my head. 10 minutes later my Grandad pulled up and we all jumped into the car to drive straight to the hospital. Stitch by stitch the gaping wound above my eye was been pulled back together, as the nurse handed me a well done certificate she reassured me “Well done Rosie your face will soon be back to normal ”. We said goodbye and left the hospital.

Although the outside steps have been replaced the regular trips to the beautician to make my eyebrow look normal will mean the memory will never be forgotten.

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